What we do?

  • We focus on website development, building client's sites with non-trivial specific requirements in many fields: real estate, law, content system, etc..
  • We derived various automation tools, data scraper. Help client boost up their new site, reduce repeated tasks, increase efficiency!

Target Client

  • Startup, non-tech business.
    Nowadays, finding a strong & solid technical team is hard! We really do it, we agree to back client's tech infrastructure, aim to co-operate for the long run, this is proven during our past projects!
  • We also build our own products which are content sites (comics, videos) thanks to our strong. Having data quickly and collectively would make great impact in the market!

What make us unique?

  • Maximize popular existing platform to reduce client's training cost, and wrap them by new development toolkit to ensure best speed, safe and optimized products.
  • Apply full flow for customer from testing, staging to production and maintenance. Just get your business up while we backing it!
  • Follow security practices, SEO standards in the modern time.
  • Go along with customer, make deep research about their requirements, always suggest solutions to help overcome, we would do better for later!

Clients & Projects

  • New projects are coming in 2020.
  • AND we hope to be with you! Please drop us a contact if your business consider it!

Our Team

Soft World Studio (SWS) - Where graduate classmates gathering up and building the core values.