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An internal web app (Trello-inspired) for managing tasks within the mechanic-electronic division of Vietnam's largest construction company
  • Real-time task status update on the UI and notify by email (Mailgun)
  • Provide charts and reports by Highcharts, introduce a whole new dashboard experience
  • Technology used: Spring, SPA React, Google Material Design, IIS

Our Output


Build easy-to-use apps, require less training costs by combining popular tools outside with trending stable technology inside

Performance & SEO

Make people amazed about smooth experience, reduce performance debts & increase conversions!

  • Best Practices: Google PageSpeed, CNCF, Chunking
  • Optimized Styling: Critical CSS
  • Fast Content Deliver: Premium CDN, WebP


Apply standards seriously, be aware in the low-or-zero-trust time!

  • Keys: HTTPS/SSL, Sanitization, MFA


Uptime service, backup & restore, server migration and incident mitigation

  • Keys: Cloudflare, Docker, Rate Limiting

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